A4 Paper

As the mother of a 4 year old daughter, I was astonished to see the new Chinese trend of proving that their waists are no bigger than a piece of A4 paper!

The trend has seen them trying to demonstrate their waists are equal to or narrower than the width of the average A4 paper we use daily in our printers.  A4 paper is 8.2 inches or 21 cms. Girls have been posting these worrying results on the internet and Weibo, their version of twitter, in their thousands! Some even boasting they are smaller than an A4 paper being an A3!

I do worry how a trend like this affects our daughters and the pressure it adds to their daily life. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a confident lady but, even I find it hard enough competing with air bushed celebs full of face fillers and Botox, plastered all over the front pages of magazines without being an impressionable teenager!  We are being asked to live up to something that is impossible for us to attain.  I can only hope that all the thousands of positive words I have given my daughter will make her self image one of her own and not one that will be forced on her by the next new trend!

Whilst a tiny waist has been a long tradition in China, it is worth noting that they have a completely different build to us western ladies.  Some ladies, like myself, have taken to humor and decided that we too can have an A4 paper size waist – just Landscape not Portrait! But lets look on he brighter side and have a bit of a laugh with this?  Why not tweet us @createmebooks with your pic’s.  All paper sizes welcome!


A4 paperLlimage



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