Bedtime stories for young children

Put your child at the heart of their very own bedtime story.

Every parent knows how much fun it is to read your little treasure lovely bedtime stories. To make time for reading a story as part of your bedtime routine is also important for many reasons. Children love routine and will soon learn to look forward to their special night time routine of reading a book and having a cuddle, and what could be a more perfect way to the end the day?

Even if your little one is too young to understand what their bedtime stories are actually about they will be soothed just to hear your voice and will settle down nicely. Introducing your child to the joy of reading books at an early age will also give them a head start for when it comes to reading themselves.

open preview of our personalised bedtime stories

I wrote these bedtime stories because….

I love reading bedtime stories to my daughter so what better than to write one just for her where she is the star? Now you can do that too with one of my bedtime stories by making the main character in the book match the likeness of your special someone.

With over 300,000 different combinations, no one is left out of a Create Me Book. Let my bedtime stories transport your special someone on a wonderful journey to the Land Of Nod meeting lots of new friends along the way. The perfect way to settle down any child at bedtime and have them dozing off in minutes.

I especially made the book the perfect length for bedtime, with illustrations that are bright and engaging. Look out for the small woodland animals having fun on every page.

child reading personalised bedtime stories

See your special ones face light up!

There is nothing like seeing someone’s face light up because they can see their name in print on a book. Imagine how much bigger that face will be beaming when they see themselves as the main character in our bedtime stories? No matter what their hair colour, skin colour or hair style, we have it in our create me book.

It’s easy to create in only a few simple steps and with a free preview, you can see before you buy. With the addition of a personal message at the front of the story it becomes a keepsake for life. They say the most thoughtful gift is the one you make yourself so why not create your very own perfect gift for all occasions.

Mum reading personalised bedtime stories

Why this bedtime story really works.

  • It’s the perfect length.
  • All the text is on a white background so easy to read in dim light.
  • The story is about falling asleep so helps your child settle!
  • Children relate to the book because they see themselves as the main character.
  • Lovely bright engaging illustrations and a gently rhyming story line.
  • Easy and quick to create.
  • Free preview before you buy.
  • All our bedtime stories are designed, written and published by a Mum.
  • You can make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Our personalised children’s book seen on…

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