Brand Assets

Thank you for your interest in CreateMeBooks! Listed below are a few guidelines for using the CreateMeBooks brand assets. If you are part of our affiliate programme you can download creative assets from the affiliate area. Please have a look and if you are not sure about anything or have a suggestion please get in contact with us.

Where appropriate you can download individual assets using the supplied link.


These are the CreateMeBooks brand colours. Copy the HEX codes below.



Logo Guidelines

You can use the CreateMeBooks logo in full in either of these two styles.


Logo on #4E5659

Logo on #FFFFFF

Download as PNG

Download as PNG

It’s CreateMeBooks

CreateMeBooks is one word, just like the above. Capitalise the C, M, and B.


Not like this.

Create Me Books

Not like this.


Not like this.


Not like this.

We are very sorry but due to the global situation with regards to Covid-19 we have decided to temporarily close our store. We will be back online as soon as we can!