Making the first day at school easier

My 4 year old just started her first day at school after Christmas.  Having already seen my two boys off to school I was quite hardened to the feelings of them growing up and no longer being your baby.  However, I was not prepared for my husband’s reaction seeing his only little girl go off to school for the first day.  He was far more upset than I had expected and spent the whole first few days making both of us go on this great big family outing to take and collect her.

I’m an older mum and have not had to do the school run for some time so I wasn’t looking forward to her first day at school at all.  I knew all the mums would look young to me, bit like all Policemen now days, but what I wasn’t expecting was how friendly they all would be.  From her first day at school, several Mum’s from my daughter’s class came up to me to say hello and introduce themselves and their children.   I didn’t feel I stood out at all and no-one has yet said “ah you must be Lilys Grandma!” – holding my breath for that one!

All that said she did look amazing in her uniform and still seemed far too little to be going full time!  I can’t get over how much time I now have available to work on our plans to make changes to my book and it’s all penciled in my diary already!!

If you find the school run hard or just want a few tips to survive those early school weeks, check out things that have helped me:-

  1. Put a smile on your face. People are far more likely to speak to you in the playground if you look friendly and happy!
  2. Make sure you wear something you feel comfortable in, after all, you are going to feel conspicuous enough!
  3. Arrive a bit early the first few days so you don’t arrive in a hot sweaty mess because you have had to park miles away.

Or take a look at the sites below for inspiration:-


To 1 Year of Huggable Heroes

Launched in early 2015 – Huggable Heroes ( aims to “Reinforce the bond between Parent and Child while mummy or daddy is working away”, and at Create Me Books, we believe this is an amazing idea.

Working with children as a foster parent, I fully understand the feeling of loss these children suffer especially at bedtime, however, it had never occurred to me that these feelings would be so similar to forces children – and I should have known better as hubby was one of those forces children!

My father-in-law served in the RAF during the cold war.   Although he had an amazing career and travelled all over the world, working on the Vulcan bomber amongst others, he was absent from home for many months at a time.  This left my mother-in-law at home taking on the role of both parents.  I don’t think in those days any consideration would have been given to the impact this would have had on my husband and his sister – stiff upper lip was the order of the day!  When I compare that time to now I think it must be so much easier today with Skype and Face time, but is it?  Surely, they still suffer the same feelings of loss and separation?  I think we just assume that the internet is a magic wand that connects us but try explaining to 5 year old who has been looking forward to a skype call from his daddy that the internet connection won‘t work!  Almost feels like that would be worse than my husband only receiving the odd letter, which is those days was a reliable service! If you are a service family looking for some support FAB (family Activity Breaks),,  are a charity that provide you with a family break and some well deserved fun, whilst My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures,, offers fantastic help in the home with an interactive internet scheme plotting where Daddy is information all about that place, Summer Camps and much more.

We think that Jo has come up with a terrific idea and we wish her business every success. We’ve always thought of England as a land of small shop owners but now we are all internet shop owners, so here’s to year one of Huggable Heroes.

What better to go with a Huggable Hero at bedtime than a fully personalised book for your child? Click here to start creating now.

We are very sorry but due to the global situation with regards to Covid-19 we have decided to temporarily close our store. We will be back online as soon as we can!