Nappy Houdini

I’m currently foster mum to a little 2 year old boy who is a Nappy Houdini! Having already brought up two boys and fostered numerous others I have never seen anything like this!

First of all the Health Visitor thought he might be trying to get access to his bits and bobs for comfort reasons. I could understand this after all, he had just experiences some huge changes in his life. Her advise was to put the nappy on backwards so that he couldn’t reach the nappy tabs. Good idea I thought until I walked in his room in the morning and found the nappy on the cot sheet and not on him! Then we were given a tip by a friend who suggested putting the nappy on backwards and a onezie! So we put him in both these backwards confident in the fact that there was no way he would get that nappy undone during the night, but Houdini did! Another friend ventured the fact that we should put sellotape over the nappy tabs so he couldn’t get the tabs open. This we did and the next morning I when I walked in Houdini was waiting for me hand outstretched offering me the sellotape we stuck his nappy tabs down with the night before! The nappy was stuck down one leg of his onezie! I did laugh but wondered how had he got the sellotape off given he was wearing the nappy backwards and his onezie was backwards too!

Now we have it sorted! We put thick packing tape around his nappy, which goes on backwards, as does his onezie! The we sit down and read him my personalised childrens book which is perfect for bedtime. This helps him relax and prepare for falling off to sleep before my little Houdini can get to his nappy!

Hope this works for you too if you have a Houdini in the house!

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