Stress Buster tips for October Half Term

painting funCan you believe that half term is here already? Now is the time to plan how us Mums, Dads, Grans, Grandads, and all other carers are going to survive?

Here are a few of my stress buster top tips:-

1. Don’t change your boundaries!  It’s so easy to let them stay up a little later in the holidays – big mistake! When the holidays are over getting them back to a normal bedtime will only cause conflict and you will no doubt hear those words “but I didn’t have to go to bed at that time last week”. Don’t forget you’re going to be exhausted too and still need your adult time after they are all in bed.

2. Plan plan plan. Have a list of about 10-12 things you can do during the day and mix and match them depending on the weather and ability to get out. My suggestions are:-
• Treasure hunt in the garden or house.
• Make a miniature garden in an old takeaway or plastic tub.
• Trip to the local park.
• Pop to your local craft shop and pick up some art packs for cut and stick activities or anything else that takes your fancy!
• Have a baking afternoon. It doesn’t have to be messy or complicated. Some chocolate cornflake cakes will do especially if they can lick the bowl after!
• Share the load. Sort out a play date so that one day you have a friend’s child but the following day you get a well earned rest whilst the favour is being repaid.
• A movie afternoon with popcorn and a big bag of sweets.
• Take a picnic to your local open spaces, beach, woods, park.
• Buy some chalks and draw pictures on the drive or patio.

3. Research. Look through the local paper or online. There are lots of local activities on at this time of year; many can be free or subsidised.

4. Prepare well for Halloween. Whatever you plan to do make sure you have everything you need early. Purchase any sweets and pumpkins before the stores run out and make sure that any costumes from last year still fit!

5. Entertainments Team. Make sure that whilst it’s a lovely opportunity to spend some quality time with your children, don’t fall in to the trap of becoming their entertainments manager. Still slot in times in the day when they are expected to amuse themselves even if this mean the odd hour on social media or playing computer game. This is their time to recharge the batteries too.

And when all else fails read them a good story book like mine “won’t go to sleep” and, you never know, you just might just get them to doze off! What better stress buster than a few moments of peace and quiet.

open-personalised-childrens-bookwon't go to sleepWon't go to sleep

reading personalised bedtime story book

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