Time To Read?

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We all seem to live such busy lives nowadays, so how do we find time to read?

Finding the time to read to our children or even finding time to read ourselves seems to get harder and harder.  When my oldest was little, in the dark days before internet, I seemed to have so much more time available.  If I needed to do any form of banking, it had to wait until the next day when I would have to go in to town to the bank.  If I needed any shopping, then again, it had to wait until I went to town the next day.  Now you could argue that going in to town to do these tasks took up much more time than it would now if I did an internet shop or logged on to my internet banking, but did it?

For me it’s about the time it takes out of my after school or weekend time with my youngest now 6 years old.  When my oldest was little we would walk to town together to achieve our shopping objectives, where now I might spend an evening looking at my laptop screen whilst I do an internet shop.  Not exacting making me very interactive with the family.

Because I have had such a gap between my children, I can really appreciate how much time I seemed to have with my oldest when he was little and how carefully I have to be monitoring my screen use when I have time to spend with my daughter.  Something I never had to do before.  Things seemed to have a designated time in the day which the internet has blurred somewhat!

So to make sure my daughter gets time for me to read to her, I am very strict about designating time to read to her every evening after school.  This normally happens in bed at bedtime as it is the best time to read to her all cuddled up in bed, free of any distractions.

If you need a good read for your children at bedtime why not buy yourself one of our personalised books,  “won”t go to sleep” and make time to read!



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